Prevention Services

DACCO’s Prevention programs use evidence-based approaches to address or deter the onset of drug use. Studies have made it clear that drug education and prevention offers the best chance to address the potential for substance abuse. Research shows that use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are associated with specific aspects of the community, school/work, family environment, and individual characteristics.

To learn more about the US Surgeon General’s approach to substance use prevention please click here.

Our prevention programming models are nationally recognized and have been specifically developed to address the specific needs of children (ages 5-12), youth (ages 12-17), young adults (ages 18-22), and seniors. Please contact us with any questions regarding specific programming or eligibility requirements. Read more

Watch Your BAC:

Offered on local college campuses this program focuses on addressing high risk binge drinking and its negative consequences by providing educational as well as information and referral services for students, parents and community members. Using innovative strategies, including the websites and print media, the partners involved in this program provide students, their parents and the larger community access to information stressing the importance of understanding the effects of alcohol consumption by providing information on how to monitor blood alcohol concentration.

Be the Wall:

A social marketing campaign designed specifically for parents to support and educate them regarding ways to talk and interact with their teenagers regarding alcohol use. Since a teenagers brain is still developing into their mid 20′s they often tend to act and be more rebellious. Even though they act as though they aren’t listening, they are listening to everything that you as an adult says. As a parent, guardian, grandparent, relative you have to “Be the Wall” between kids and alcohol. Be firm, be clear, be consistent, be the wall! Make a Pledge. Make a Difference.

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